Understanding the Curvy Bralette Sizing

The Bralette trend is taking over the country! Bralettes, also known as wireless bras or soft bras, are a much-needed addition to your lingerie wardrobe. Designed without a wire, bralettes offer a little more give and stretch than your underwire bra which gives you a softer, comfier fit. Of course, since they do not have an underwire, the level of support is less than that of your underwire bra. However, women are finding that they can wear bralettes for casual days, weekends, for yoga, for sleeping, even as your new everyday go to bralette. Just keep in mind bralettes are not intended for heavy activity such as running and jogging. We think once you try a Curvy bralette, like us, you will be an obsessed bralette Lover!
Cosabella recently launched the new Curvy collection specifically designed for larger busts with smaller rib cages.  The Curvy Styles have bigger cups for more bust coverage and a smaller, more fitted band underneath the bust so it fits your smaller rib shape.  It is made from our classic Never Say Never lace, with amazing stretch and return.  The Curvy Sweetie Bralette is based on our original NSN Sweetie, our most top-selling bralette ever.

The Curvy has already been given over 300+ 5 Star Reviews by fans across the world. 

The Curvy Bralette is available in sizes P-XL, and fits sizes 28DD – 40H.

Elisa Facchetti size (2E IT) wearing size Med

Kyra Shaikh size (8FF AUS) wearing size Small.
Laura Brioschisize (36F US) wearing size Med.

Here’s how you can find your best Curvy Fit.

First, you need a recent and accurate measurement. Your bust size and shape can change quite often, with changes in exercise programs, weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, nursing, menopause, aging, and other body changes.  You should size yourself or get sized every 6 months.
Here’s how to do it at home:
 Now that you have your bra size, refer to our Curvy Sizing Chart.

Where does your size fit USA Sizing? 
  • Sizes 28DD, 28F, 30DD, 30F fit in size P.
  • Sizes 30 DD, 30F, 32DD, 32F fit in size XS.
  • Sizes 32DD, 32F 34DD, 34F fit in size S.
  • Sizes 34DD, 34F, 36DD, 36F fit in size M.
  • Sizes 36F, 36G, 38F, 38G fit in size L.
  • Sizes 38G, 38H, 40G, 40H fit in size XL.
World Sizing:
P 28-30 DD-E
XS 30-32 DD-E
S 32-34 DD-E
M 34-36 DD-E
L 36-38 E-F
XL 38-40 F-FF
P 75-80 E-F
XS 80-85 E-F
S 85-90 E-F
M 90-95 E-F
L 95-100 F-G
XL 100-105 G-H
P 60-65 E-F
XS 65-70 E-F
S 70-75 E-F
M 75-80 E-F
L 80-85 F-G
XL 85-90 G-H
P 0 E- F
XS 0-1 E-F
S 1-2 E-F
M 2-3 E-F
L 3-4 F-G
XL 4-5 G-H
P 6-8 DD-E
XS 8-10 DD-E
S 10-12 DD-E
M 12-14 DD-E
L 14-16 E-F
XL 16-18 F-FF

What if your size falls in two size ranges? Because Bralettes by design are more flexible with no underwire, your size possibly will fall in two ranges. When that happens, examine your chest for shape and volume.  Do you have more full volume breasts, where they fill up the entire cups of your current bras, and are very full at the top? Then choose the bigger size.  Do you have less volume breasts, not very full at the top, and don’t really fully fill your cups?  Then choose the smaller size.

EX: I measure a 32DD. I could order size XS or S, but my breast volume is low and my breasts are not very full, so I am going to choose the size XS.
Now you are all set!
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