Havana Nights: What Inspired Cosabella Summer 17 Collection

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Cosabella Summer 17 collection is hitting the stores and we can’t wait for you to discover every single piece. The silhouettes, refined fabrics, and rich embroidery are not for the faint of heart! But what is the source of inspiration behind these sophisticated groups? As we’re all craving for more details, here’s a chitchat we had with our designers Kristin and Yazmil, who guided us through the whole creation process and beyond.

Which step of the collection development did you enjoy the most?

K: I always love the initial trend development. The collection theme developed pretty organically after our Spring 17 season, and living in Miami- being inspired by Havana is pretty easy, even if you haven’t been there yet. It was so fun to dream up and imagine all the glamorous starlets from the 60s who would jet set there..and of course to think about what they might be packing in their suitcases!

Y: Doing the initial research is always my favorite part in any collection development. For the Summer ’18 collection, we were in NYC doing research and found incredible things about Cuba, and learned so much about the culture and history as well as the starlets who vacationed there. It was the perfect way to kick start our collection process.

Cosabella Summer 17 collectionCosabella Summer 17 collection

What do you feel is the strongest piece of the whole Cosabella Summer 17 collection?

Cosabella Summer 17 collectionK: The Harlow lace-up bodysuit in Black is one of the strongest pieces in the collection because it is right on trend, bold and feminine at the same time. It’s one of the pieces from the collection that all the “it” girls need in their wardrobe for the Summer 17 season.

Cosabella Summer 17 collection

Y: It’s so difficult to pick just one  (because the collection is so beautiful and so strong) but if I have to pick just one piece I would say it’s the Crawford Bodysuit. The colors, embroidery, and silhouette embody the tone we were trying to go for.

Which group reflects your personal touch the most?

Cosabella Summer 17 collectionK: The Crawford group definitely reflects my personal touch the most. I drew the embroidery by hand and then had it developed by one of our amazing embroidery suppliers in Austria before producing the collection in Italy. The styles and colors of this group most embody the glamorous theme mixed with modern day inspiration that’s easy to wear.

Cosabella Summer 17 collectionY: I think the group that most reflects my personal touch is the Bacall Two Tone Group. It’s sweet but still fashion-forward at the same time. And I love the idea of innerwear as outerwear so this group definitely reflects that idea.

What are your sources of inspiration when brainstorming?

K: Sources of inspiration come from everywhere! I like to start with an idea each season and expand it into our own world- making it unique. For example, this season we started with the idea of Havana- but then added in the idea of 1960’s starlets on vacation. It helps in the research process, but also helps to make our product and ideas more unique.

Y: Kristin and I are always bouncing ideas off of each other so we’ll look at runway shows, magazine trends, as well as looking at retail trends. Our goal is to innovate the intimates world with fashion-forward styles.

Cosabella Summer 17 collection

Which are the main RTW trends that you conveyed into the collection?

Cosabella Summer 17 collection

K: Some RTW ideas we conveyed in this collection is the Never Say Never-Neutrals group, all inspired by the gorgeous neutral colors we are all loving so much in RTW. The styles are all the best of the best, and the colors are so easy to wear and layer. They’re meant to be seen, but look just as gorgeous and flattering alone. It’s an evolution from the skin tones trend, which we did a few seasons ago. These neutral colors can be worn on ANY skin tone, so we love that.

Y: We saw the lace up trend a lot when we were looking at runway shows so you’ll see glimpses of that in the Harlow Group. We also saw a lot of sheer dresses coming down the runways but not many pieces that you could wear under these sheer styles. Then we came up with Undercover, cool trendy pieces perfect to wear with all of your sheer pieces.

How did you choose the starlets the groups are named after?

Cosabella Summer 17 collection

K: We chose the starlet names for the groups by researching and choosing our favorite “it”  girls from the time! There’s so many- we had an amazing source of inspiration.

Y: That’s easy, we were always designing with the starlets in mind: what would these beautiful women want to wear today?

Share your best memory/funniest moment from the collection creation.

K: The best memory from this collection was our trip to NYC. We stumbled upon this hidden vintage lingerie shop which had thousands of samples from the 1920’s to the 1970’s in perfect condition. That was a big inspiration for the prints and colors and even some silhouettes in our collection. We spent about 3 hours there sitting on the floor covered in samples and going through unique details. It was so fun!

Y: The best memory I have would be our NYC trip during the research stages of the collection. We left NYC so inspired and ready to develop a beautiful collection.

Cosabella Summer 17 collection

Vintage Wonderland *___*

What is the best part of your job?

K: Working as the head designer for Cosabella, I am able to create empowering product for women every day and I love to think about how wearing our product will make them feel- sexy, beautiful, confident, strong. Just having the opportunity to create every day is definitely the best part of my job!

Y: The best part of my job is having the opportunity to design beautiful garments for strong, beautiful women of all shapes and sizes. Seeing our customers tag Cosabella on social media or commenting on how much they love there Cosabella pieces is probably the best reward anyone can ever have.

Cosabella Summer 17 collection


About Kristin: Head Designer @Cosabella, she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and moved from The City That never Sleeps to Miami.



About Yazmil: Designer @Cosabella, Miami-based but originally from New York, she’s a Fashion Institute of Technology alumni.




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