Cosabella’s Holiday Resort 2016 Collection is inspired by the glamorous Art Deco era of the 1920’s and the Art Nouveau movement that swept through the world. Elements from both eras are blended together and re-imagined with a fresh updated aesthetic. The story of Holiday Resort 2016 is told through the rich colors and bold jewel tones reminiscent of the Art Deco movement that epitomized luxury and glamor.

The intricate linear lines of the times are reflected in the Bella PJ Printed in an allover Diamond Stripe and bold color. Painted Plaid is inspired by the Art Deco movement and designed as a modern tribute to the 1920’s works of art with an allover multicolor striped print. The Art Nouveau era was a decorative style filled with natural forms and accentuated with plants and flowers.

The delicate Halenka lace of Prism is adorned with an allover leaf patterned motif. Empire’s intricate embroidered lace applique shape mimics the intricate beauty of a flower’s petals. The Sweet Treats Printed Cheetah forms a Smoky Gray Vintage Palm print motif on a Cheetah base. Inspired by the stunning ornamentations of headpieces in the 1920’s, Sonia Intimates and Sonia Sleepwear groupings are adorned in lace that capture the lavish and bold geometric shapes of jewels. The beautiful Fan motif of Sweet Treats pays tribute to the embroidered lace fans of the 1920’s.

The Ritz collection crafted in Cosabella’s classic Talco fabric is adorned in a luxurious sheer lace with an allover intricate embroidery detail to add a touch of elegance. Cosmopolitan’s delicate and completely sheer lace is accentuated with a beautiful allover floral scalloped motif and Italian microfiber. Elements of nature’s beauty and influences from fine art can be seen reflected throughout the Holiday Resort 2016 collection.